Engraved Drinkware Collection

Jul 11th
Engraved Drinkware Unique
Engraved Drinkware Unique

Engraved drinkware – Do any room in your house look more attractive by decorating it with an engraved drinkware collection. Place colorful, whimsical teapots in a little girl’s room and let her use them for a tea party. Group engraved drinkware painted with pink patterns in a country-style living. View contemporary teapots on the shelves of a high-tech kitchen. A teapot collection, if organized properly, can give personality and color to an otherwise plain room.


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Gather your collection and decide if you want to view the entire collection or just a small part of it. If you have a large engraved drinkware collection, you can view everything at once may be too much. It is often better to choose a few pieces and put them in small groups in different areas around a room. Include teacups and tea saucers.

Place the pieces in unusual display areas. Shelves are a good place to start, but do not forget about the windowsills, mantelpieces and tops of cabinets and bookcases. Stand a drinkware on a stack of books. Do not choose a standard display format when something more unique is possible. View your drinkware in groups of pieces of different heights and sizes.

Mix colorful engraved drinkware with pieces from an antique fair or second hand store for a more eclectic look. The less they match the funkier and stylish they look. Play with your engraved drinkware motif using a drinkware-design fabric accents such as pillows, curtains or towels. Add a lamp made from a tea pot or hold back your curtains with drinkware shaped brackets. Use your engraved drinkware and tea cups as something other than just display objects.

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