How to Bevel Formica Kitchen Countertops

Jun 20th
Picture Formica Kitchen Countertops
Picture Formica Kitchen Countertops

Formica kitchen countertops – Formica laminates are extremely durable and waterproof surfaces commonly used for counter tops and backslashes in the kitchen and bathroom. They often are used in life-grade kitchen tables. Formica is stable when it is installed. The multi-layer construction consisting of a thick composite base board with a layer of the finished laminate is glued to the surface, it is easy to separate, and separate splinter when its edges are exposed. One facet of an exposed edge not only provides a quieter and more finished edge, it adds long-term sustainability in Formica kitchen countertops.

Select a routing bit. Although a 20-to 22-degree bevel is most common that the routing table tops, everything from a 10- degree to quarter-round bevel will work as well set the routing guide. Or routing table fence to the correct depth. Before attempting beveling the edge of your formica kitchen countertops, do a trial run on a piece of scrap wood to ensure your bit does not run too deep and removes more material than you want on the bevel.

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Run Formica kitchen countertops through the router. For best results, make bevel in one long, continuous cut.  Clean up the edges of the facet at the light hand-sanding the cut with 300-grit sandpaper.

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