How to Place Marble Kitchen Countertops Design

Jun 18th
Top Marble Kitchen Countertops
Top Marble Kitchen Countertops

Marble kitchen countertops – When you’re considering a new surface for your kitchen countertop, you have many contemporary options. However, sometimes it is best to get back to a more idea. Marble is an old standard in every kitchen. It is above vinyl and laminate and a richer, more robust look wherever you use it lends. While on a single slab of marble it is not a do it yourself project feasible, placing marble tiles is something a competent home owner can do. Start with a solid, firm base counter.

Place marble kitchen countertops, dull the surface of the countertop with a hand sander power, get up and clean. Clean dust. Measure across the front edge of the counter and mark the center. Use a pencil and a carpenter’s square to make a line from the front to the back in the middle, so the counter is divided into two. Spread glue on the top of the counter with a notched trowel adhesive.

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Press a course beveled marble tile on the front edge of the countertop, starting at the center and working toward the sides. Set a row of marble tile standard course behind the front beveled tiles, again from the middle and working to the ends. Set additional courses tile in place, from each row in the center and working toward the sides, cutting the end tiles as needed. Cover the entire surface of the marble kitchen countertops. Let the glue dry overnight. Remove the spacers. Grout marble tiles with a rubber trowel, grout without sand dragging on the surface and pushing it into the tile joints.

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