Insulate Plastic Drinkware

Apr 23rd
Plastic Drinkware White
Plastic Drinkware White

Plastic drinkware – Whether your drink ware need a facelift or simply do not hold your coffee cold, there’s no need to buy a new one. Instead insulate your drink ware and pretty at the same time with a homemade drink ware cozy.


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Measure the circumference and height of your plastic drinkware and the width of the cup handle. Subtract about? Inches from the height of the cup and subtract the width of the mug handle from the perimeter. Cut a rectangle from all your felt colors with your final measurements. Choose your main color and put it on top of another piece of felt. For example, if you choose brown and aqua blanket and want to aqua to be the main color, place it on top of the brown.

Draw simple designs in chalk on your top piece of felt. Cut them out with scissors so the bottom felt the color show through. For example, you can draw stylized owls, polka dots or flowers. Sew the two pieces of felt together around the edges; give a 1/8-inch seam allowance. Also sew around the edges of your cut-out patterns. This gives your cozy a patchwork look.

Stitch three buttons to the left short side of your cozy. Place a button ¼ inch from the top corner, a second ¼ inch from the bottom corner and centered right between the two. Cut three tie string about 3 inches long. Bend each piece of wire in a loop and sew the ends on the right short side cozy as you did the keys on the left side. Wrap the cozy around your plastic drinkware and loop macramé loops over the keys to close.

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