Keeping Clean Plastic Serveware

Jul 15th
Plastic Serveware Sets
Plastic Serveware Sets

Plastic Serveware – Like me, you probably have had a favorite piece of serveware or another type of plastic dish ruined with the nasty red tomato stain that will not go away. Probably saved some home-made sauce in the container and, although you wash it, and even know it, that rebellious stain just does not disappear. With those cheerful containers starving and tapas who cares as they can always replace those in the supermarket.

Fill the plastic serveware with about half full of water. Add a few drops of lemon juice and mix. The darker the stain of lemon juice. Then set in the microwave for a few second. Next time you and your favorite new blouse splatter with some oily stain quickly get your box of baking soda out of the fridge (you know you have one there, everyone does it). And cover the stain and me I mean cover it up with a mountaineering thing. Let stand on the stain for at least 12 hours.

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You want all the oil to seep into the dust. If you continue to see the profile of repeated application of baking soda oil to plastic serveware. This treatment works as an excuse, but sometimes you have to stay patient. One of my favorite and most satisfying applications for baking soda is to put this powerful stain removal tool into nasty plans in plastic containers.

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