Make Your Own Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Jun 14th
Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Ideas
Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Shaker kitchen cabinets – Shaker style refers to historically important furniture made by the Shakers. This furniture was known for his simplicity of style and design and focus on function over form. Shaker style was associated with the Arts and Crafts movement in the platform that emphasizes natural forests and organic shapes.

Remove the cabinet door of the cabinet and take off all hardware and hinges of the door. Sand for remove the existing finish the front and side edges of the cabinet door will change to shaker kitchen cabinets. Measure between the upper and lower shelves clamped. Position the first panel vertically aligned on the left and the second board aligned to the right. Apply a bead of glue carpenter on the back of each board and press that the Board of Directors back in the position that you test fit before. Align the edges and pinch each plate. Repeat for all four plates.

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Paint with primer paint designed for the kitchen cabinets. Allow primer to dry for 6 hours. Paint kitchen cabinet to be shaker kitchen cabinets. Allow 4 hours between coats if you want to apply to more than one coat. Close the cabinet door to the cabinet using the same joints. Add new hardware. Update your cabinet facial appearance. Repeat for all doors and drawers, and signs of the faces of the cabinet to the new doors.

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