Melamine Dinnerware Sets Ideas

May 9th
Top Melamine Dinnerware Sets
Top Melamine Dinnerware Sets

Melamine dinnerware sets is made of plastic and comes in bright, fun colors. The current trend of eating outdoors has led to melamine enjoying a comeback, and it is now widely available, but now tends to be used for casual outdoor dining rather than formal dinners. Vintage melamine is sought after and regularly sold on Internet auction sites, while modern manufacturers make melamine dinnerware in retro design for the authentic 1950s look.

Features melamine dinnerware sets, melamine is composed of nitrogen, coal and hydrogen. It is combined with formaldehyde, and exposed to high heat to create a malleable material. This makes melamine unbreakable and tolerated machine-wise.

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Melamine dinnerware sets went out of fashion in the late 1970s. It scratched and colored easily and quickly lost its shiny, new look. Some pieces, especially those with printed patterns, were known to bubble and crack. Melamine cups were prone to tea and coffee stains, especially two-color cups and white-to-bow bowls. During the 1960s and 1970s, the design of melamine dinnerware sets became more basic, meeting the needs of the picnic and camping market, rather than dinner. More elastic patches came onto the market, and there was a return to more traditional ceramics, porcelain and glassware. But still melamine to be used as picnic ware and in schools and hospitals because of its durability.

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