Simple Standing Desk Plans

May 25th
Wooden Standing Desk Plans
Wooden Standing Desk Plans

Standing desk plans – As you have seen on this site, you can build yourself a standing desk with a little work. But the hardest part is often to imagine and design the plans of the office. The simplest way is often to copy another office to deduce the dimensions. But if we had them all done at hand planes, admit it would be easier to manufacture furniture!

What caught my attention is the presence of an office standing on the site. It is simply called “Standing Desk” and turns built entirely of wood. As on movable like this better, it is adjustable. So you can put it sitting or standing desk plans. The design is ingenious, because the tray is supported by a wooden staircase structure (or rack).

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This is by placing the tray on the “steps” that alters the pitch of office. With a standing desk plans length of 2.40 meters, one can work in two out of the office. It will of course arrange with your colleague on the position to be adopted (standing!). It is clear that the success is the appointment because the plans have already been download more than 1600 times. Nevertheless, I still doubt on the functional side of the upright. The tray does not really seem to adjustable size and a little hard to change position (for ironing sitting).

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