Simple Yet Fashionable Cocktail Table Linens

Jan 16th
Wedding Cocktail Table Linens
Wedding Cocktail Table Linens

Cocktail table linens – If as an entree we are going to present soup, we must place the appropriate spoon next to the knife with the convex part in contact with the tablecloth. As for dessert cutlery, you can choose. If we decide to present them from the beginning we must know that they go between the plate and the glasses. They can also be placed when we introduce the dessert. It is a matter of taste.

We place them wherever we like: in the glass, on the plate or on the cocktail table linens. As for the folding, let your imagination fly: flower, rhombus, star, etc. Avoid excesses, opt for the simple. With everything on the table it is not worth adding tons and tons of decorative items. So forget the centerpieces too large that do not let us see the guest we have in front and the flowers too scented that give headache.

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Make a decision for the candles (not too aromatic) for an intimate and elegant lighting. Put on the cocktail table linens the salt shaker, the pepper shaker, the water and the ashtray. That way you’ll save yourself having to get up every two for three during the meal.  With all this you are ready to receive the guests with elegance and at any time.

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