Wall Mount Writing Desk Modern Design

Jun 26th
Writing Desk Modern Style
Writing Desk Modern Style

Writing desk modern – A wall-mounted desk will not withstand as much stress as a regular desk with legs! Therefore it is important to make a prop under the table to be sure that it does not fall down as soon as someone leaning against the edge. We recommend that you put a rule diagonally below the disc or use the brackets. Hide the rule by painting it the same color as the desktop.

In addition, it is important to use enough plug or screw and that they are in the right dimension. The best looking results, with a wooden plug that you can glue the different parts. It is very important that you measure extra careful before you drill starter holes in the parts which will then be fitted together. The alternative is to use hardware that is at least 3 times as long as MDF is thick, i.e. at least 36 mm in this case. Do you screw it looks best to countersink the screws so you can putty over the screw heads so they are not visible when you’ve painted writing desk modern.

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Writing desk modern, if you pre-drilling all screw holes before mounting to reduce the risk of disc bursting! Be sure to tighten the screws straight so they do not stick out somewhere in the edges of the furniture. Use wood glue to attach the pieces together before screwing. It also reduces the risk of cracking. To succeed in gluing of discs you can possibly replace a screw top and two at the bottom (on each side) to plug that you can glue.

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