Wood Butcher Block Kitchen Countertops

Jul 1st
Traditional Butcher Block Kitchen Countertops
Traditional Butcher Block Kitchen Countertops

Butcher block kitchen countertops – A butcher block wood tabletop can use the area as a cutting board and a counter. But be careful. Sometimes countertops, marketed by other companies as butcher blocks are actually treated wood, which means that they are unsafe to cut on, but they will probably still look great in your kitchen. Measure the length and depth of the area where you plan to install butcher block countertop carefully. Write down your goals.

Butcher block kitchen countertops, Install plywood blocking on the open-ended cabinets. Use plywood, which is the exact length of your cabinet and attach it to the top with 1 1/2-inch deck screws drilled at a slight angle. The spreading screws 4 inches apart, 1/2 inch from the top, and all the way across the width of the plywood. Prepare solid-top cabinets, install ¼-inch furring strips every 16 inches through kitchen and bath sealant. The length of the lanes must be less than cabinets with 2 inches, 1 inch on each side.

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Use kitchen and bathroom sealant along plywood or furring strips that you have installed. Setting the butcher block wood tabletop in place. Allow the mixture to be pressed in a straight line, directly into the center of each strip. Ensure the kitchen table from underneath by driving screws through cabinets or plywood strips and into butcher block kitchen countertops. Make sure the screws are not long enough to go all the way through the countertop. Installing at least one screw in each corner of the worktop, place the screw at least 1/2 inches in from each corner.

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